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High-spec scalable publishing software guaranteed to improve your editorial workflow. Tried-and-tested by demanding teams, these software products are ideal for large-scale content management and publishing. Specifically developed for the challenges of multichannel and digital publishing.

Scalable editorial toolkit for multichannel publishing.

Time 3.0 allows for full editorial control and data transfer across multiple channels and platforms. Hone your publishing material for both digital and print publishing.

Take control and share feedback digitally the fast and easy way.

A built-for-purpose web app for sharing feedback. Quickly establish project milestones, leave annotations, and approve documents. Used by thousands of users in over 15 countries.

Add value to the reading experience with an ebook.

Enrich the reading experience with video, bonus source material, visuals, or even exercises. A smart ebook with endless possibilities for learning and development. .

Create data-led digital guides you can edit in Word.

Share information and data quickly and painlessly. Keep all your data synced across smart guides that are both accessible and dynamic. Share information like you never have before. .

Ecommerce stores for high-volume stores and digital publishers.

Designed for high-volume online stores and demanding ecommerce environments, TimeShop is visually versatile and can be integrated with pretty much any existing back end system.

Intelligent & accurate search engine for closed-loop environments.

TimeSearch can cope with the complexities of Finnish conjugation, has a vocabulary of over 1.5 million words, and can prioritise search results based on relevancy.

– Access control
– Information security
– Reporting

TimeGate is a secure way to manage users and administer software products. Our dashboard gives you the flexibility to manage users, sell digital products, and control licensing from one central hub..

Secure data management as the backbone of publishing.

TimeBase integrates with all your favourite programmes and like Word, Open Office, Adobe InDesign and FrameMaker. Centralise resource management and automate processes to speed up publishing projects.