an agile user and license management tool for digital publishers

Looking for a secure way to manage and administer users and licenses for your online content?  

Take the management of your online content users and licenses into a new era – efficiently and securely – with our TimeGate service. 

As pioneers of digital publishing, we have been involved in the development of digital content for more than 30 years. 

More and more companies are diversifying their digital content. At Timehouse, we help companies handle their online material safely and efficiently. 

With TimeGate, you too can manage users and licenses extensively in different content formats: 

Online material such as e-books, digital magazines and various digital publications

Sale of access rights to databases and portals

Online forms and templates

Training and exercise materials, including webinars

Memberships and licenses

Software products, scripts and tools

TimeGate is a secure way to manage users and maintain your products. Our interface gives you the flexibility to manage users, sell digital products, and control licenses through the main hub. 

Access control so that you stay 100% in control

High quality and uncompromising data security

Extensive reporting data to help you refine your product offering

TimeGate can be integrated into any of your existing CRM systems or user databases. Make the most of our session management and user log tools without compromising or losing your existing data. 

The TimeGate system easily adapts to your current IT environment. TimeGate can be used alongside conjunction with, for example, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and Active Directory. 

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