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Forged through collaborating with prestige Nordic publishers, we want to bring our B2B and specialist publishing expertise to the rest of the world. Specialists in enterprise content management and creating custom publisher storefronts. 

Expert publisher services

Working with publishers since the 1980s we have been a driving force of the digital revolution in publishing in Finland. E-books, audiobooks, online journals: we are pros at managing publisher material in whatever format it comes in. Now we are using AI to streamline publishing even further.  

Publishing pros who marry tech with strategy

Experience meets innovation

We don’t just talk tech: we understand the business models behind content. Get strategic with your content licensing and grow your business with tech that you can trust.

Got something you need to troubleshoot? We are here to bat ideas back and forth. Let’s see what our publishing experience can bring to the table.

Working towards your goals

Not quite sure what exactly you need, but know where you want to go?

We don’t sell the same thing to everyone: every publisher is different. 

Let’s have an honest conversation and figure out what could work for your business.

How we work with publishers

Not a line of code wasted. We don’t want to create add-ons and features that you don’t want and will never use. We prefer to be lean, agile, and move in beat with your business. 

From long-term digital transformation projects to one-off software development.

Ready when you are

Working with the best of Nordic publishing

Client satisfaction is one of our cornerstones. 

We invest in strategic partnerships that go beyond the one-off.

Let’s succeed together.


WOPI integration speeds up medical publisher material management

Using the Microsoft WOPI protocol we created a custom interface for editing Word documents inside a secure internal server directly in the browser.

Meet our publisher software

Digital publishing made easy

We have created our own Time 3.0 publishing software modules to help speed up and simplify key publishing processes. Use these tools to make publishing easier and empower teams to create better content, faster. 

Our Time 3.0 publishing products are powered by our database module, TimeBase. Around this core element, you can build and expand your publishing ecosystem. 

Let's have a chat!

Interested in our services?
Leave your contact information and we will be in touch.

    Let's have a chat!

    Interested in our services?
    Leave your contact information and we will be in touch.

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