Seamless digital publishing straight from word processing.

Enables employees to create content with a tool most familiar to them, with minimal training.

Helps to keep your documents high quality and up to date and thus making your product more competitive.

Sophisticated search engine ensures that your customers and employees have the correct information available.

"I feel that one of the best applications for TimeGuide is work instructions in the manufacturing industry, where up to date information is key. TimeGuide has helped to save a lot of trouble and money in that sector"
Lasse Laurila
CTO, Extreme Consulting
"Our goal was to publish instructions to a wide range of Modelspace users and practitioners directly from the Timehouse-managed TimeGuide system. Expectations and requirements were stringent and demanding. So far, so good."
Pauli Jantunen
General Manager, Gravicon

Service levels

Monthly subscription

Billed monthly
  • Flexible monthly payments
  • Best for smaller businesses
  • Change your plan when you need to

1 Year subscription

Billed annually
  • Easy annual payment
  • Ongoing word processing
  • Our helpful support team's assistance

3 Year subscription

Billed annually or one-off
  • One-off payment or pay annually
  • Ongoing word processing for 3 years
  • Our helpful support team's assistance​

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