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    Timehouse ed-tech consultancy in a nutshell

    Timehouse as a partner for publishing digital material

    We even created our own publishing software

    Get help creating a system that will serve users and your brand.

    What educational publishers need to know about user data

    Secure data management and storage is one of the foundations of a great user journey. 

    We have developed our own secure database management software suite, TimeBase, but we can work in pretty much any data environment.

    Automation to enrich the user experience

    Automating elements of the back-end editorial processes will ensure that more time is spent on enriching and worthwhile activities.

    Free up editorial time and cut down on low value repetitive tasks. We have worked together with editorial teams in Finland and abroad for over 20 years, and are well versed in supporting teams reach their editorial goals through tech, automation, and AI. 

    We are not into chasing fads or running after new shiny tech, but would rather focus on how we can use judicious and measured automation to create better experiences for users.

    Example automations that we have implemented are are being used by publishers:

    What is a neural network?

    A neural network is a mathematical model that mimics the ways in which the brain works. Timehouse has used Percepton type neural networks for a long time and has a long track record in teaching them algorithms.

    Content comes first

    Everything starts with the content.

    Imagine that you could scale your content efforts with automation (and no, we are not just talking about generative AI here). We can use our tools to help you automatically discover and collate vast data sets of information and content from the web.

    Coupled with link automation, categorisation, and an automated e-commerce customer journey, you can focus on what matters most: creating engaging educational content.

    Publishing e-commerce you can trust

    The pressure of getting content out to users is growing. Managing subscribers, paywalls, and monetising content communities can feel overwhelming.

    From automating user behavioural analysis to e-commerce and content analytics that go beyond the norm, we can help you map, create, and refine online content user journeys that drive results.

    Make your content work harder for you by investing in specialist ed-tech publishing e-commerce know-how.

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    Meet our Time 3.0 product family

    We have created a toolkit for multichannel publishers that has been driven by the needs of educational publishers and content producers. While it is not the only way we work with publishers, there is nothing like coding your own software to ensure you really, really, really understand something! 

    Time 3.0  is an editorial publishing tool that allows you to simultaneously distribute editorial material across all your publishing channels.

    Time 3.0 is an integrated publishing system made up of multiple software components — they will also function as completely independent applications. These applications can be integrated into any existing data systems.


    Enriching books with video, source material, visuals, and assignments is a welcome upgrade. Integrated tasks are known to boost recall and retention, making TimeBook ideal for education.

    Take your content beyond print publishing with our smart ebook. Integrated visuals, assignments, video — the possibilities are endless with TimeBook.


    TimeGuide is our online digital platform that makes publishing rich online reading experiences less painful.

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      Let's have a chat!

      Interested in our services?
      Leave your contact information and we will be in touch.

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