Take your content beyond print publishing with our smart ebook. Integrated visuals, assignments, video — the possibilities are endless with TimeBook.

Creating intelligence for the publication

TimeBook is an enhanced ebook that can be read in any browser. Digital publishing opens up new avenues not available in print: TimeBook puts the reader’s experience in the driving seat.

Enriching books with video, source material, visuals, and assignments is a welcome upgrade. Integrated tasks are known to boost recall and retention, making TimeBook ideal for education.


TimeBook ebook features:

Clear navigation through the table of contents.

Smart book open to user notes and highlights.

Our smart search engine, TimeSearch, is the backbone of usability.

  • Table of contents available at all times
  • Integrated vocabulary prompts and accessible guide
  • Smart & fast search function that can handle Finnish language conjugation and has a 1.5 million-plus word vocabulary
  • Smart bookmarks for reader notes
  • Internal links throughout the book (e.g. deep links from the contents page)
  • Hyperlinked texts with inbound and outbound links
  • Information bubbles - terminology broken down at the click of a button
  • Ability to zoom in on graphic elements and visuals
  • Video that can be made full-screen
  • Sound integrated into elements, information bubbles, or even a serialised audiobook
  • Smart visuals can be annotated with notes and legends — e.g. maps
  • Slideshow— printed images can be replaced in an ebook slideshow format

E-books implemented with Timehouse’s technology

Alma Talent e-Bookshelf

Extensive professional literature in law, financial administration, taxation and supervisory work in digital format, with an intelligent search function.

Alma Finnish Law service

All material related to law online. Organized by subject area and constantly updated content with a powerful search function.

KauppakamariTieto (Chamber of Commerce) Professional library

The service gathers and stores information on financial administration, law, and taxation into one place where it can easily be found and browsed.

Kiinteistömedia e-Library

Professional literature in the field of real estate online, with a clear browsing function.

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