Enterprise WordPress & WooCommerce services

Complex WordPress websites and technical WordPress environments with a wide range of integrations from an experienced WordPress development team. We also offer WordPress maintenance contracts for extra peace of mind.

WordPress development and maintenance

Make the most of WordPress with our high-quality WordPress development team that will help you maximise WordPress’s technical and business potential.

Full-stack meets WordPress

WordPress is a flexible content management system that can easily be adapted to complex use cases. Get more out of WordPress with Timehouse’s expert full-stack WordPress development team. We can help harmonise back-end and front-end systems.


Timehouse as a WordPress partner

All kinds of WordPress

Whether it’s a portfolio website, a more complex WooCommerce store, or a scalable and extensive WordPress Multisite project, we will leave you with a WordPress environment that’s adaptable, agile, and secure.

WordPress expertise

We scope, code, and maintain WordPress websites to suit the needs of a wide range of organisations. Work with an experienced and responsible WordPress team to ensure that your digital environment is safe and built to last.



Let us handle your WordPress development project so you can focus on growing your business, not editing CSS.

WooCommerce specialists

We are experienced WooCommerce developers and can integrate your WooCommerce store with a wide range of web environments, or help you build a standalone WordPress ecommerce store that is flexible, fast, and customer-oriented.

Understanding WordPress

WordPress can be a powerhouse when it’s in the right hands. We can code, deploy, and optimise WordPress sites that will be a pleasure to use and maintain. Our expert training means you can manage your site independently.

WP Multisite

If you need to manage multiple WordPress websites at once, a solution like WordPress Multisite might be for you. WP Multisite is a useful tool for managing multiple corporate websites at once. Using one instance of WordPress for a multitude of sites can make the whole process of WordPress website management easier.

All the benefits of WordPress at your fingertips

We’ll ensure that your WordPress environment is always in sync with your business. Integrating WordPress with other technical platforms, leveraging WP Multisite, and building multilingual WordPress websites have taught us a lot about how to make the most of this versatile platform.

We can start from scratch with a custom WordPress development project or work on an existing framework. Every WordPress solution we provide is individual and tailored.

Integration specialists

We’re experts at integrating WordPress with a wide range of systems and platforms, such as:

Time 3.0 products such as TimeBase, TimeSearch etc

ERP and SAPs

Other content management systems and technical platforms.

Choose WordPress for a dynamic and flexible web environment.

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    Let's have a chat!

    Interested in our services?
    Leave your contact information and we will be in touch.

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