Smart search engine is the heart of electronic publishing

Timesearch –  a versatile and adaptable search engine 

effective and efficient search function is an imperative for a high-quality user experience: don’t let your customers drown in the flood of information. 

Through years of experience, we at Timehouse know that a smart search engine is a vital element to successful electronic publishing. 


The most comprehensive search engine in Finnish

The development of the TimeSearch search engine already begun in the 1990s, when we launched Finland’s first multimedia encyclopedia, CD-Facta (WSOY) in 1994.  

Gradually, as the web-based search engines (such as Google) became more common, our customers ’demands for search capabilities also increased.

We at Timehouse have responded to these demands with solid professionalism from the beginning, and TimeSearch is currently used by a number of electronic publishing companies.

Try our technically robust and agile website search tool, which already shows its power as the engine of many complex web applications and online stores. 

The TimeSearch search engine knows the inflections of the Finnish language, contains a vocabulary of 1.5 million words and understands e.g. priorities, so search results are always sorted by relevance.

TimeSearch is a versatile and agile search engine system that can search not only in Finnish but also in several other languages, such as English, Swedish, Norwegian, etc.

You can also use TimeSearch to help you manage the information in your online store, web applications, and websites.

TimeSearch is a powerful search engine capable of forging through vast datasets and returning the most useful and relevant search matches to its applicant 

Ability to retrieve and process data and material on a large scale

Site internal and directory search

Extensive user data to support product and service development

Excellent language skills: a fully multilingual search engine that also speaks Finnish

Ability to perform a large number of searches quickly and accurately

Concept map and navigation

In addition to a powerful search engine, table of contents, index, and title tree, we offer the ability to use a concept map for navigation. 

Thanks to Timehouse’s innovative software development that serves as the cornerstone of TimeSearch, you can integrate our search engine into virtually any technical environment. 

Get in touch to find out how TimeSearch can help connect your customers with your products and services. 

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