Centralised digital & multi-channel asset management platform for publishers

Agile material management is the cornerstone of efficient publishing.

TimeBase, from our Time 3.0 product family, provides you with a secure and easy-to-use tool for managing your publishing material. Leave compatibility and formatting issues behind, and store your data securely and smoothly.

TimeBase is the ultimate publishing data storehouse. Manage and store your editorial material in one place and forget unnecessary data transfer between platforms. 

Power up your publishing tech

Agile and multi-channel, TimeBase is a lightweight yet high-performance publishing tool. We have developed our solutions in collaboration with publishers and editors, so we offer unique software developed specifically for the needs of the publishing industry.

TimeBase receives material directly from your familiar tools, such as Word, Open Office, Adobe InDesign, and even Adobe FrameMaker. Material concentration and automated workflows make project management easier. In addition, the material can be edited directly in the browser window.

TimeBase - a safe haven for your material

We’ve built plugins to popular editorial software and content production tools so editors don’t have to learn new tricks. 

Easy integrations

High level of security

Migration support

Automated and customisable workflow for complex publishing contents

Fast and efficient material processing

TimeBase is a safe haven for your publishing materia. Centralisation gives publishers the freedom to distribute material from several different projects and products simultaneously. Intelligent automation and features, such as daily autosave, bring security and peace of mind. 

TimeBase also supports editorial automation through custom workflows — speeding up costly processes like managing freelancers. 

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    Let's have a chat!

    Interested in our services?
    Leave your contact information and we will be in touch.

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