Case Study

Timehouse delivers ArchiLogs customisation for Appalachian Log Structures and Nordic BIM Group Finland

Timehouse customised ArchiLogs for Appalachian Log Structures using C++ coding language. The ArchiLogs Archicad add-on is designed and sold by Nordic BIM Group Finland and is targeted for log home modelling. 

Customer & collaboration

Appalachian Log Structures (ALS) is a log home and log cabin manufacturer based in West Virginia. Renowned for their quality log home packages, ALS is a popular and respected log home specialist with a wide range of log home designs, log profiles, 2 log thicknesses and 5 different corner notch options.

How was Timehouse selected as a partner?

Nordic BIM Group Finland who develops ArchiLogs, knew that Timehouse had the requisite technical skills to create Add-Ons and customisations to ArchiLogs code. NBG introduced ALS to Timehouse.


ALS needed customisations for ArchiLogs so that the software would work with their log home production processes. This included the introduction of proprietary ALS corner types and corner machinings, as without them ALS would not be able to use ArchiLogs effectively. Without the right types of specifications in ArchiLogs, ALS would not be able to export accurate data to CNC (computer numerical code) machines or cut, mill and groove logs to the correct size and form.



Working closely with NBG and ALS, Timehouse updated the ArchiLogs code so that ALS corner types, machinings, and other custom features would be part of the software. This means that ALS can now export accurate data on all their builds designed using ArchiLogs. Timehouse coded GDL objects (corner types) so that ALS could inspect these new corners and machinings as 3D objects.

Timehouse also implemented completely custom wall and log ID generation that mapped on to ALS systems and processes.

Timehouse and NBG have also been able to provide Archicad training, as ArchiLogs is an Archicad add-on and Archicad knowledge is essential to help you use it effectively. Going over features such as how to apply specific log openings and windows and doors has allowed ALS to operate more independently when using ArchiLogs.

By customising ArchiLogs, Timehouse ensured that ALS got something meaningful out of the software, no matter what view or process they were dealing with. Working with fixed specifications, the key here was to ensure the software was fit for purpose when it came to ALS workflows and processes. Working across timezones, Timehouse has put co-operation at the heart of the project, working closely with NBG Finland as well.

In a nutshell

Customising ArchiLogs to include custom corner types, machinings, and log IDs

Creating corner types on to ArchiLogs library’s GDL objects

International collaboration with close three-way co-operation

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