Case Study

ArchiFrame’s digital strategy managed and led by Timehouse

Collaborating with Timehouse provided Archisolutions Oy with a website running on the WordPress platform, a renewed license management system, and an efficient marketing strategy for their Archicad add-on, ArchiFrame.

Customer and collaboration

Archisolutions Oy is a Finnish company founded in Helsinki in 2014 providing state-of-the-art software solutions and services for the wood building industry. Archisolutions specialises in the further development of the Archicad BIM software used by architects. Archisolutions has been creating and developing the ArchiFrame Archicad add-on for wood construction since 2009.

The company’s rapid expansion into international markets required changes in the company’s technical platform and marketing strategy. The collaboration with Timehouse met the needs of the growing company and created a lasting strategic and technical partnership.

How was Timehouse selected as a partner?

Petteri Heiskari, CEO of Archisolutions Oy, and Timehouse had a previous history of cooperation. So when Archisolutions needed translation help for its expanding website, Petteri contacted Kayleigh Töyrä, Timehouse’s SEO consultant and marketing manager.

International markets and digital visibility quickly became our joint top priorities at the beginning of the collaboration. Kayleigh’s expertise in implementing technical SEO strategies quickly deepened the collaboration from translation to designing a broader B2B-marketing strategy.

” Timehouse’s strong expertise in the construction software industry ensured not only a technical, but also a strategic partnership. “


ArchiFrame’s growing international reputation meant changes to the content production of the website were needed: the first step was to translate and localise the website into English. In order to improve digital visibility, it was paramount that, in addition to multilingual and localised content, the web environment also be optimised for SEO, content marketing, and future tech integrations.


In addition to the translation work, Kayleigh conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s overall situation, and as the work progressed ArchiFrame marketing and content production were transferred to Timehouse. As the cooperation deepened, both parties committed to a long-term partnership to achieve the best possible business outcomes. Joint projects included creating ArchiFrame case studies, sourcing customer stories, blog posts, social media, and YouTube video content.

After more than a year of a successful digital marketing partnership, it also became necessary to transfer ArchiFrame’s website to a CMS.

The Timehouse technical team moved the old website to WordPress. Timehouse’s WP team ran the technical migration of the old content to WordPress, also making important SEO changes in collaboration with Kayleigh.

Thanks to the new CMS a multilingual plug-in was added to the website streamlining and speeding up the production and management of multilingual content.

Timehouse had already built a license management built on .Net with an SQL database for ArchiFrame as part of a previous collaboration. The system included upgrades such as trial and student licenses which were now integrated into the new website.

In early 2021,ArchiFrame launched the global Prefab2030 architectural competition, attracting attention in international media. From the beginning, the responsibility for marketing the competition was in the hands of Timehouse. The fruitful collaboration between Timehouse and Archisolutions continues in 2022 with further marketing projects and software development.

Tech stack and stats

Extensive website redesign and transfer to WordPress

English translation work

B2B marketing strategy

License Management System Migration

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