TimeBase got an upgrade: Publishing material and asset management improvements  

We recently updated  TimeBase (part of the Time 3.0 product family) to better meet our clients’ individual publishing needs. The changes we made to the WYSIWYG editor have now made it even easier to use, plus some of the new features such as the metadata update harness automation and are even more robust than before.  

With our new metadata improvements material can be classified according to modifiers such as content types and language, which in turn enables the sorting and filtering of material over in the user interface. Using similar features, the end user’s experience can be automatically and iteratively improved, making it easier to quickly find desired information. 

Individually customisable software solutions and features 

We want to offer our customers solutions that meet their business needs. For this reason, the Time 3.0 solutions used by our customers are also unique. We map and design different features, either from pre-implemented software components or, if necessary, we create completely new functionalities and solutions. 

TimeBase – a versatile material management and storage tool for digital publishing 

Our Time 3.0 CMS product family includes several ready-made modules. Perhaps the most important of these is TimeBase: the engine behind every customer implementation. 

TimeBase provides a secure and easy-to-use tool for managing your publishing material. The solution has been developed in cooperation with publishers and publishing houses over the years. TimeBase is a lightweight and agile, yet high-performance publishing tool. 

TimeBase receives material directly from familiar tools, such as Word, Open Office, Adobe InDesign and even Adobe FrameMaker. Material centralisation and automated workflows make it easier to manage your work at scale. In addition, content creators can edit the material directly in a web browser, making it an easy solution to roll out and manage. 

Learn more about the Time 3.0 publishing product family and TimeBase

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