AI in publishing: Leveraging artificial intelligence in digital publishing

Are you a publisher looking to make the most of AI in 2024?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a business asset across a wide range of industries, and digital publishing is no exception.

AI can be used to significantly improve publishing processes and enrich the customer experience, plus it can also help you save costs.

In this blog, we will go through how artificial intelligence can be leveraged in digital publishing.

The new smart search

Gone are the days of clunky tentative searches through endless catalogues: AI-driven search is much smarter than that.

Artificial intelligence enables smart and conversational searches through new next gen chatbot search engines.

Having a smart search function increases the discoverability of your content and improves the user experience. In addition to conversational search, you can also include a traditional keyword search feature for those who want smart, not conversational.

Content personalisation

AI enables smarter content personalisation based on reader preferences. Algorithms can analyse reader behaviour, such as read times and clicks, and provide personalised recommendations. This increases reader engagement, improves the user experience, and you get more of your catalogue out there.

Content production automation

AI can produce relatively high-quality content in seconds. It can create headings, paragraphs, or even entire articles based on set parameters and rules. This can speed up the publishing process and free up resources for more creative work.

  • Hint: 

    Use AI to generate good alt text for images (vital for screen readers and discoverability). Use AI to say goodbye to missing labels and speed up this often time-consuming element of digital publishing, making your work more accessible in the process.  

Analysing reader behaviour and improving content

AI can be used to analyse reader behaviour on digital publishing platforms. Algorithms can identify trends, such as trending topics or reading behaviours at different times of the day. This information helps publishers adapt their content to better meet the needs of their audience.

On the other hand, AI can also effectively analyse user feedback and reviews. It can identify recurring themes and provide valuable insights on how to improve the quality of publications and meet reader expectations

Proofreading and SEO optimisation

AI-powered tools can check for misspellings, improve grammar, and optimise content for search engines. This is particularly important in digital publishing, where quality content and discoverability are key. Use AI to generate better metadata for example.

Language translation

Artificial intelligence can also be used to carry out translation work automatically. This is especially important for any publishers operating with multilingual user bases where content is offered in different languages. Though you will still probably want editorial input, this is a sure-fire way to speed things up.

Content enrichment and referencing

AI allows you to edit and enrich your content easily. Let AI produce additional material for your existing content by going through your database for example. You may also want to use AI to edit text into different formats, such as providing a shorter summary.

AI has huge potential to improve digital publishing in many ways. Content personalisation, automated content creation, analysis of user behaviour, proofreading, and user feedback analysis are just a few examples of how AI can add value to the publishing industry. Use AI to improve your processes, upgrade your customer experience, and create better feedback loops.

By using smart algorithms and tools, publishers can optimise their processes, attract more readers, and deliver better digital content experiences. Integrating AI into digital publishing is not only a competitive advantage, but also a step towards an innovative and efficient publishing industry of the future.

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