How we successfully integrated a WooCommerce ecommerce store with our Time3 publishing system

A successful integration solution means creating a positive user experience for customers and cutting down on inefficient manual labour (and doing it in such a way that nobody even realises what’s happening behind the scenes).

Over the years we have delivered numerous successful integration solutions for a variety of clients. This time round we were working with VK-Kustannus (a client who we started working with this spring in an ebook capacity).

We were able to successfully integrate the popular WordPress ecommerce product known as WooCommerce with our TimeGate license management system. Thanks to our integration, ebook purchase data is automatically pushed to the client’s license managementsystem, and the end-user can immediately start using their online TimeBook.

For the ecommerce store’s end-user, the integration provides a seamless user experience, as all integrations should. A successful integration means creating a good user experience whilst simultaneously cutting down on manual work, in such a way that the user doesn’t even realise what’s happening in the background…

Well done to our technical team for making this happen!