VK-Kustannus kicks off their digital publishing using the Time 3.0 e-publishing system

VK-Kustannus chose Timehouse’s TimeBase content management tool and our TimePub publishing system in order to manage their electronic publishing efforts. The finalised client contracts signalling the adoption of Time 3.0 were signed on June 4th, 2020.

VK-Kustannus specialises in physical therapy, physical education, and sports coaching industry publications. By partnering with Timehouse, VK-Kustannus will be able to offer ebooks from its ecommerce store alongside existing paper publications.

“We have been considering electronic publishing for some time already, and now was the ideal time to get the project started. The commercial negotiations were completed rapidly and we reached a mutual understanding quickly. The project with Timehouse has got off to a good start and our goal is to get the whole system up and running this autumn,” explains the CEO of VK-Kustannus, Pasi Kokkonen.

“We are glad to be able to offer the complete electronic publishing package that will allow us to react to the needs of VK-Publishing and support them in further developing their business,” says Timehouse CEO Kristian Töyrä.

VK-Kustannus not only publishes books, but digital training materials as well. Digital content and training manuals also come into the remit of Timehouse’s technical solutions. The partnership will continue beyond the launch of the ecommerce store as we further develop the VK-Kustannus offering and functionalities by collaborating together with our client.