What does a good client experience mean to us?

Does this ring a bell: “Thank you for speaking to one of our representatives today. Would you be able to participate in a quick customer satisfaction survey? It should only take you about two weeks to fill in…and as well as your personal details we will also ask for a discretionary blood test.”

Timehouse is growing, new faces are joining the team, and new starters are inducted into how we tackle client services. Our client services promise can simply be summed up by stating that we aim to help people achieve more in their everyday lives.

We don’t hide behind cheap statements about customer-centric care and automate our client relationships — we prefer to live and breathe our client promise through the work that we do and in our actions.

As part of our ethos, we demand that dealing with us should be easy. In practice this translates to a straight-talking attitude and frequent conversations in writing, over the phone, and in person.

Contrary to the received wisdom in some circles, being available and present for our clients doesn’t mess up project timetables — in fact it does the very opposite by eradicating unnecessary mistakes and work.

Of course, great client relationships take time to build, but for us a close relationship is a win-win scenario that creates a solid foundation of mutual trust. Our clients and partners feel able to ask us anything — no question is too big or small — this is something we really pride ourselves on.

By encouraging dialogue, our data architects and engineers get a real feel for client needs, empowering them to be able to deal with, and respond to, client queries effectively and intelligently.