Timehouse excited to exhibit at Smart City Expo & Conference

This summer we are back in Tampere! Hosted in the Nokia Arena in Tampere from June 6th to 7th, the Smart City Expo & Conference, is going to be an exciting event showcasing some of the latest software and hardware out there.

The international, world-class Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference aims to deep dive beyond the abstract – where the ideas are taken to action.

The inspiring mission behind this year’s event?

Finding new ways to “transform an urban metaverse with the latest digital solutions”.  We can definitely get behind the idea of bettering lives and urban development through tech.

How is this going to be achieved? Smart City Expo hopes that by marrying “human-centric smart city development with innovative information and communications technology”, the two sides can come together and unite to help solve some of the most pressing problems facing us today.

We are so excited to be part of other forward-looking thinkers, cutting edge technology, services, and solutions exhibiting there, and are especially keen to see how data, AI, and IoT security will be discussed in the context of 2023 and beyond. 

With the likes of Microsoft, Skoda, YLE, and tonnes of other innovative startups and businesses from around the world, we are pretty sure we are going to be in good company. Find us at Section 501 to find out more about our latest content and publishing updates…