Innovative WOPI project deepens the ongoing Timehouse/Duodecim partnership

Kicking off earlier this year in the spring of 2020, the Timehouse/Duodecim collaboration has recently taken on a whole new dimension with the successful launch of an innovative WOPI project.

WOPI stands for Web Application Open Platform Interface: a Microsoft trial interface that allows browser-based processing with documents loaded directly from the server.

This joint WOPI project was born out of a need to use the MS Online platform as an interface. The idea was that multiple users could simultaneously edit documents, while the files themselves would all be managed and stored on our client’s own servers.

Navigating unchartered territory with new technology

The collaboration has been a success, even though the project itself presented numerous technical challenges.

The WOPI technology is new and available documentation is scant, so the project had to frequently navigate unchartered territory. After a few minor detours that resulted in some important lessons being learned, the project was successfully taken through to completion.

Timehouse handled this technically very demanding and important project with great professionalism. Cooperation and communication were impeccable at all times,” says Juha Kautto, Chief Information Officer at Duodecim.

Microsoft Validator as a compass showing us the way

The actual implementation was done using JavaScript. WOPI itself is still very rare for the time being, and this project meant that we were able to truly work “at the forefront of software development”.

Microsoft required us to use their own validator which is part of their verification process.

“We had to go through the validator process to get the green light from Microsoft to join their ecosystem” says our application developer Pekka Nordberg.

“Validation is a crucial step in Microsoft’s authentication process, ensuring that the application we created worked seamlessly with other Microsoft interfaces” concludes Nordberg.

Read a more detailed description of the WOPI project in our case study

From Timehouse’s point of view, this project was a gem. It is great to collaborate with a client who really understands the challenges of software development.

Proactive communication on both sides as well as weekly Teams meetings between Duodecim and Timehouse helped the project steer its course.

Our Customer Success Manager, Mira Heiskari, succinctly summed up the collaboration with Duodecim:

“Skilled software experts meet the ideal customer: this is a great way to continue our journey together.”

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