Timehouse’s SEO consultant Kayleigh Töyrä as a speaker at BrightonSEO – slides

Timehouse SEO consultant Kayleigh Töyrä will be speaking at BrightonSEO this Friday on the 26th of March 2021!

BrightonSEO is one of the biggest international conferences aimed at search engine pros and brands who want to learn how to ace their in-house SEO strategies. The conference gathers together industry top talent from around the world for an exciting two-day event full of talks and training sessions (all virtual).

You can stream Kayleigh’s talk Stakeholder Salad: Communication Skills For SEOs – Talk Your Way Into Getting Shit Done live for FREE! Sign up for the talk on brightonSEO’s own site.

Kayleigh will be using her experience of running SEO at Timehouse to help her share tips on how SEOs can communicate better.

 Kayleigh’s talk will cover:

  • How to build a working comms bridge between stakeholders and yourself (the SEO team)
  • How to leverage interdisciplinary communication to get SEO work over the line
  • How to harmonise SEO work across development, content & commercial teams
  • SEO scenarios and tips on how to succeed using good communication skills

Kayleigh’s BrightonSEO 2021 Slides

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