Rapid reaction to an unprecedented user surge brought on by the coronavirus

COVID-19 is hugely impacting people’s personal lives right now, but it’s also impacting business operations in a wide range of ways. As well as human suffering and extensive economic repercussions, the coronavirus is changing the ways many businesses conduct day-to-day operations. These changes, though insubstantial when contrasted with the bigger picture, are having a transforming impact on how businesses are run.

In the case of our client, Edita, the corona situation resulted in a sharp spike in the number of users accessing digital learning materials as virtual learning increased overnight.

Timehouse is a flexible organisation: we always aim to react quickly to our clients’ needs and demands to secure their business operations. A fast reaction speed is also predicated by a close partnership between client and agency; it is in moments like this that long-term strategic partnerships truly come into their own.

We quickly helped solve the performance issues caused by the sudden user surge, and we’re currently supporting our client to ensure that their digital services will continue to work seamlessly, even when faced with high user demand.

Here are some ‘frontline feedback’ quotes we’re happy to share:

“Edita’s digital history and social studies products (the Memo-series) are excellent resources for distance learning. We had acquired them before the corona crisis, but now they have come into their own and are being used on a daily basis. Students have praised the fact that the digital exercises are fun to do, the materials are easy to use, and that everything functions well. Students had picked up on some access issues earlier on in the week, but the online notice clarified things and access to the products was quickly restored.”

“It’s great that even in a corporate setting, there is such a commitment to flexibility to help students maintain their peace of mind. Hats off to you!”