Duodecim & Timehouse begin their publishing partnership

Medical publisher Duodecim and Timehouse have signed a new partnership deal, giving Timehouse the contract for maintaining and developing the publisher’s current publishing systems.

“We started our Duodecim partnership with an initial month-long scoping project during which our experts worked onsite with the client and scoped out all the technical requirements.” sums up Timehouse CEO Kristian Töyrä.

The scoping project focused on the current state of Duodecim’s publishing system, the future direction of system upgrades, as well as opportunities for further development.

In accordance with Timehouse’s ethos, this is an opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial partnership where information technology is harnessed to improve client processes (in this case, enterprise publishing).

“The Duodecim contract was signed on March 2nd, and we’ve started our first development project, so we’re feeling confident about the long-term potential of this partnership. We’ve got a great foundation to build on.” says Kristian.

Duodecim publishes guides, digital services, and a wide range of material for the medical community. Furthering the field of medical science, Duodecim also publishes a range of educational material like books and online training platforms. For the general public, Duodecim offers information on health, illnesses, and the latest medical research online and in print.

“Besides the obvious benefits of working with experienced consultants like Timehouse, we see them as the perfect size partner for an ongoing relationship: not too large, not too small. We will get a high-grade and flexible service” — Juha Kautto from Duodecim on why Timehouse were the perfect fit.