Time 3.0 is now a certified home-grown Finnish product

The publishing software developed by Timehouse has been granted the right to use a prestigious marker of Finnish quality: a flag key that is the symbol of a home-grown Finnish product. Time 3.0 is clearly a 100% Finnish product, so any ebooks or publishing material created using the system will also fulfil the same criteria.

We think it’s important to let our clients know that we’re proud to create and develop high-quality software here in Finland. Our work and products are based on long-term thinking and years of Finnish technical development.

Time 3.0 includes a search engine that includes over half a million Finnish language words: it understands the unique nature of Finnish and its nuances better than pretty much any other search engine in this world. A sophisticated search engine that can operate within a closed loop system is a prime example of the quality of the Time 3.0 product family.

The outward sign of our Finnish origins is valuable to us. According to research done by the Institute of Finnish Work, over 90% of Finns recognise the key emblazoned with the Finnish flag. The majority of Finns (75%) also agree that seeing the symbol influences their purchasing habits.

The marketing manager for the Institute of Finnish Work feels that buying a Finnish product is seen as a positive contribution to Finnish society: furthering Finnish well-being and the country’s ability to compete in global markets.