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So what exactly is (also known as, and what is it used for?

The idea behind this commenting software dates all the way back to 2002, when  building a technical tool to solve the problems involved with managing feedback and document versions was a hot topic. The idea: create a tool to make commenting and approving documents easier, while also helping create clearly defined editor roles, all whilst reducing version control conflict.

Many of us will agree that giving feedback on materials or documents via endless email chains or chat tools, especially when there are many cooks in the kitchen, is chaotic at best. The end result often turns out to be that nobody knows what other people have said anymore, or even what document version is under discussion! is a tool that helps clarifies the whole document approval chain and process, acting as both referee and secretary in complex feedback chains.

One of the key ways in which our tool helps you manage your processes and workflows in by allowing project managers to set clear commenting and feedback deadlines, as well as set clear boundaries on who is commenting on which project, and who needs to be informed mainly as a stakeholder. We have also solved document version issues by locking in clear, distinct material versions for each feedback round.

Now, 20 years later, our tool is still being used by hundreds of people in many countries around the world. In today’s digital-first and real-time landscape, a tool like provides you with clarity and the ability to manage straightforward commenting processes. It all boils down to us making the material management process reliable, simple, and easy to use (some recent comments from users).

At the end of February 2022 we sent out user satisfaction surveys to our project managers, and we got a lot of answers – thanks so much to everyone who responded!

The survey gave us some really interesting feedback and info based on actual processes and workflows our users are going through, plus we got some useful ideas on how to develop the service further.

Over 80% of the people who filled in the survey felt that improves overall project management and project workflow, making it clearer who manages what in the project itself. Over 80% of respondents also recommended the tool! The survey also brought up some ways the tool could be developed and improved: we appreciate all feedback. Users identified some future visual and UI improvements to be made: we have taken all the feedback on board and will continue to develop and improve the service in collaboration with our users.

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Until the end of May 2022, we have a special offer where any new users will get to come on board without paying the usual installation fee of 175 €! You can also always make the most of our two-week free trial period.

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