editorial review tool now owned by Timehouse

A deal signed on January 1st 2020 means that Timehouse now owns the tool. (also known as is a web app that enables rapid editorial review in the form of cloud-based document sharing. The tool currently has thousands of users in 15 countries. In Finland, the tool is popular with retailers, logistics firms, advertising and communication agencies, as well as publishing firms.

Every year, over 300,000 pages of marketing or communications material pass through the tool. After this deal, Timehouse’s annual turnover will rise to over 1.2 million euros and the company will employ 14 people.

“Timehouse has been our main development partner for a number of years: sealing the deal was a logical step and beneficial to both parties. Partnering up means we can cut down on product development lead times, integrate with the rest of the Timehouse product family, and offer our clients a larger and more diverse portfolio of products and services.” explains Marko Koponen from

As part of the merger, Koponen joined Timehouse and will not only head up the services, but also act as head of sales and marketing as Sales Director.

Timehouse CEO Kristian Töyrä highlights the extra resource that this merger will bring to Timehouse:

“This tool is used by a wide range of users, and the tool itself fits perfectly within the existing Timehouse product and software family. This merger brings us a brilliant product, a wider client base, as well as new team members who will increase Timehouse capacity by bringing new skills on-board to help fuel growth. As well the new business generated by this merger, we are looking to achieve a 20% organic growth in revenue this year — so far the Q1 results and projections for the rest of the year are looking good.” concludes Kristian.