Customer satisfaction survey: 100% of our clients appreciate our communication skills

Customer satisfaction is one of Timehouse’s top priorities and it is something that we are constantly striving to improve. One important way that we can improve and work on our customer experience is by sending out customer experience surveys. Survey responses allow us to pinpoint areas where we have succeeded and highlights any areas where there is room for improvement. This allows us to provide even better service for our customers in the future.

The results of our latest customer survey (11/2020) have now been published. You can find the full results, including honest feedback, on our customer satisfaction survey page.

“Down to earth, fast and reliable “

Based on the survey results, our customers are very satisfied with the quality of our service across many different areas. A whopping 100 % of our clients find communicating with us easy and up to 95% trust Timehouse’s expertise. Additionally, 91% of customers would gladly recommend us as a service provider.

” Fast reaction time, expansive knowledge, and a readiness to get things done without unnecessary bureaucracy.”

To excel as a service provider, we always try to understand our clients’ business models and are constantly developing our industry knowledge. All the respondents to the survey either agreed or completely agreed with this. In addition, according to the results, our customers truly feel that we offer competitive services and solutions. Our clients feel that the Timehouse’s slogan “Finding real value in information technology” accurately describes our products. Almost all respondents either agreed or completely agreed with this fact.

We would like to thank our customers for all the feedback. Let’s keep adding value together!