Ingenious integrations – Five expert tips to help you ace your IT integration project

Oh, the wonderful world of integrations! With the help of IT & data integrations, you can save a considerable amount of time, money, and effort. At Timehouse, we have successfully completed many integration projects – all equally unique and exciting. Here’s our top our five tips to help you succeed!

Planning your integration project

Without proper scoping and planning, the entire integration project can easily veer off course right from day one. Thanks to our hard-won expertise gleaned through years of technical scoping, we can help predict and prevent problems.

When planning for an integration project, it is important to concentrate on the things that truly matter. The main point of a successful integration project is to find and foster the best and most profitable working methods and processes. Integration projects aren’t limited to technical environments, they impact an organisation’s ways of working.

Process automation is often a good use of time, but it’s also important to remember it is not necessary or even advisable to automate every part of the project: use automation judiciously and only when you really need it.

Sometimes too specific planning can lead to problems. As integrator we always think about the bigger picture. If the planning goes into too many details, there will be no room for modifications if new information or problems occur along the way. It’s best practice to attack an integration project in smaller chunks and create looser plans for the overall structure.

Technical execution is key

Behind every successful integration project is a functional technical base. At Timehouse, we have extensive IT knowledge, and our expertise is often praised by our clients.

In addition to pure technical capability, it is important to have the right know-how to choose the most functional technology depending on your individual needs and situation. One of the dangers is to let trends influence your choices. Something that is trendy might not be the most suitable technical platform and you may lose credibility in the long-term.

Great communication makes for great integrations

It is impossible to over-emphasize the importance of good communication. For integration projects it is crucial that both parties, both the customer and the service provider, are on the same page and that they understand each other regardless of their work environment – technical or non-technical. In addition, it is our duty as a service provider to make sure that you are always fully aware what is going on in your integration project. At Timehouse, we encourage you to ask questions and be open with us if there is something puzzling you. However, it is just as crucial that we have a clear understanding of your companys’ needs and the current situation.

We at Timehouse take our role as integrator seriously: we are eager to understand your industry and business model and want to make sure everything follows your overall strategy.

Nonetheless, good and healthy communication is not the same thing as providing the other party with all the possible information in-hand. It is also an important skill to understand what information is relevant and what isn’t.

One of the cornerstones of functional communication is choosing the right partner. At Timehouse we want to provide just the right service for you. We genuinely try to understand your needs and provide realistic solutions based on your goals. Our aim is to concentrate on finding the best technical solutions and to be as open as we can when fulfilling technical services.

Agility in integrations

When carrying out an integration project, it’s an asset to have generally agile working processes. Agility is something that we emphasize a lot at Timehouse. To achieve the best possible technical outcome, it is vital to be able to make quick alterations and to react to the ongoing situation as quickly as possible.

To achieve agile work processes, we need first to be able to determine the appropriate methods to work with. Our extensive IT experience and real-world understanding of a vast array of technical scenarios helps us choose the right kind of tools. One of the great benefits of being an agile service provider is to be able to adjust and adapt to any situation.

Using your integration

It is only after the initial adoption period that the full benefits of an integration can be felt.

In the long run, it is actually using the integration and testing the technology that will truly solidify its value. When we are doing an integration, our aim is to provide the best possible process that most closely suits the customers’ needs and benefits them the most. As mentioned before, integration solutions should never be perceived merely as technical tools, but as an enabler of functional working practices. After a while, you might ask yourself – how did I ever survive without it!

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